Dusty can help you with deck design, cedar deck, deck construction, deck repair and custom decks. We will also provide deck estimates to you for free.

Some things to be concerned with when getting involved with your outdoor renovations:

  • Assessing your site, making your budget. The contractor will be concerned with preparing the site, footing locations, digging the footing and piers, setting beam height, framing the deck, railing post attachment, decking material installation, building stairs and much more.
  • Outdoor deck projects are extremely time-consuming that’s why most people will hire a professional to do all the dirty work which makes it so quick and easy for the homeowner to achieve their custom outdoor decks designs. Dusty's Custom Fencing help you to do your projects and for the right price.
  • Dusty's can provide free quotes on your projects.
  • Having a professional do your deck construction will save costs and your end results will be a beautifully laid out deck ready for good conversations and relaxation.